Zantes in August: The Ultimate Greek Honeymoon

We could not agree on a honeymoon destination. I really wanted to go to Key West in Florida, but Laura had her heart set on a honeymoon in Greece. I realize that tradition tells us that honeymoons were designed with the wife in  mind, but…like I said, Ireally wanted to visit Key West. Besides, I didn’t think we could afford something as extravagant as a Greek honeymoon. As time began to run out, we had to make a decision. Neither of us would budge, so Laura finally suggested we hold a toe-wrestling tournament—whose ever toe reigned supreme would get to decide where we’d spend our honeymoon.

Going Toe to Toe

I had to stifle my laughter. My shoes are a size 12 while Laura’s are a 5 ½. No way could she beat me in toe-wrestling. Wrong! My chubby, cumbersome toe was no match for her slender, boney weapon and I quickly succummbed. So, we commenced to plan our vacation in Greece. Fortunately, Laura’s folks recommended that we log-on to their  travel agent’s website and let them make the arrangements. They’d used this guy for years and think he pretty much walks on water. Well, they were right! Not only is this agency knowledgeable and friendly, but it’s also totally affordable!  Plus, the website is easy to navigate; all the arrangements & reservations were made for our Greek honeymoon before I knew it!

The Island of Zante (Zakynthos)

We had an absolutely amazing time on the Ionian island of Zante. It’s a bit off the beaten path,  but the perfect destination for a honeymoon in Greece. Clear azure waters, underwater caves to explore, sea turtles and the most gorgeous beaches in the world! Then, there were the mountain villages with stone houses, Venetian bell towers and lush forests. Bonus: we were in Zante during mid-August, which meant the Feast of the Virgin Mary. It was an unforgettable, magnificent festival with food, drink and dance.

Thank you travel experts, (and Laura’s toe) for making a honeymoon in Greece possible!

Our romantic trip to Greece

My fiancée and I had planned a wonderful wedding together, and the most romantic honeymoon in Greece you could imagine. And then I found out about his girlfriend.
Well, clearly I was not about to turn our honeymoon in Greece into a threesome. Our wedding plans had gone down the drain along with my hopes and dreams for a future with him. However, I am not one to let others rain on my parade, so,  I treated myself to a soloGreek honeymoon.  Lord knows, I deserved it! Besides, my ex-fiancée had paid for the entire trip; why waste it?

I went online and explained to my long-time travel agent the revolting turn of events, and that I would be traveling alone. He could not have been more understanding and helpful. I’d decided to stay in the same luxury honeymoon suite, and partake in all the activities and tours that had been arranged for me and Mr. Wrong.
Y’know, there is a lot to be said for going on a Greek honeymoon by one’s self. For example, it’s  not so bad being the lone passenger in a limousine. I took my time perusing the Acropolis, chatted with other tourists–some of whom were honeymooning in Greece,and other who were visiting Athens alone, like me. Not being rushed through the Mall of Athens is a fabulous benefit of travelling to Greece alone, not to mention my day trip to the charming island of Hydra. I met the nicest gentleman during the two-hour ferry trip. There are no motorized vehicles on the island, so we shared a donkey-taxi to the cutest little taverna where we enjoyed a leisurely lunch of calamari and a few glasses of Malagousia. I believe Hydra —and my new friend— were the highlights of my honeymoon in Greece.

Things have a way of turning out for the best!

I would like to thank my trusted travel agent for helping me with the last minute (and cost-effective!) changes to my itinerary, and for his kindness and understanding.

Our Official Honeymoon in Greece

My partner, Jared, and I have been together for over twenty years. We’d celebrated our relationship several years ago with a Greek honeymoon, but now that gay marriage has become legal in certain states, Jared and I are officially husband and husband! After our long-awaited nuptials were solemnized, we set about planning a real honeymoon in Greece.

Upon making the decision, I got on the horn with our favorite travel agents—the same ones we’d booked through last time. These people are absolute experts when it comes to Greek travel–and specialize in Greece honeymoons–so for Jared and me there was simply no other choice. Just like last time, the arrangements were made swiftly and to our specifications. This travel agency puts the “customer” in customer service!

To Mykonos with my Man

Since we’d had such a blast the first time, we settled on a second Greek honeymoon on Mykonos. We wanted it to be an instant replay of our last visit; plus, we were curious to learn if the exquisite island would be the same through the lens of a married couple as it was before our wedding. I am pleased to report that our honeymoon in Greece, this time around was even more spectacular! Matoyanni Street was as vibrant and exciting as ever, with a literal surprise around every corner, while Agios Sostis beach was still natural, secluded and trés romantique! I think one of the most unforgettable experiences of our honeymoon in Greece was visiting the Castle Panigirakis—talk about a Faerie Tale come to life! Oh, and the magnificent Kato Milli (Windmills) were another of our favorites.

Once again, our travel guys came through for us. I can honestly say that they are the only travel agents we will ever use. Thanks, Guys!

A Greek Honeymoon with the gods

Ever since I was a kid, Greek mythology has fascinated me.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Luckily, I met a woman who shares my passion, so when we decided to marry the obvious celebratory destination was a honeymoon in Greece – Olympia, to be exact. Imagine our excitement at the prospect of seeing the temples of Zeus and Hera in person after years of reading about them in books!

Now that we’d decided on a honeymoon in Greece, the next step was to get there. How does a person know which agency to entrust with something as important as a Greek honeymoon? It’s not like you can simply chose a name out of the phone book and hope for the best. A honeymoon in Greece was a trip we’d both dreamt of for years. I couldn’t leave our dream to chance, so I called upon the powers of the “Greek Travel gods” to make the travel arrangements.

It was as simple as point, click and go! Our travel geniuses arranged for accommodations in the luxury suite of a fabulous hotel, tickets and transportation to the sights we wanted to visit–essentially, all we had to do was show up on time.

Our honeymoon in Greece was everything we’d hoped for, and more. Ancient Olympia was magnificent! Words cannot describe the sensation of wandering amid the ruins where the first Olympic Games were held in honor of Zeus! Other highlights of our Greek honeymoon included the Olympia Winery, at which we were served samples of fine wine, olive oil and hors’ d’oeuvres; Phidias’ workshop, and simply meandering around the quaint hamlet of Olympia. Speckled about the village are theaters, statues and altars as well as tavernas and bistros. Romantic, exciting, and utterly perfect!

Honeymooning in Kefalonia

Travelling to Kefalonia had been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. Of course since it is part of the Greek islands, I could not afford to travel there growing up. So when it was time to plan for my wedding, I made sure to include a Greek island luxury honeymoon to that exact destination.My husband being the gentleman that he is, agreed that having a luxury Greek islands honeymoon would be fabulous, and did most of the planning for our stay. When we first arrived to Kefalonia I immediately noticed how clean it was, which was great. The natural scenery is absolutely breath taking, we made sure to take lots of strolls to see most of the sites. Personally, the forests were what made our Greek island luxury honeymoon that extra little bit special for me. I had never witnessed anything like them before, and the dizzy high cliffs that some of them stood upon were amazing. It is actually quite hard to put into words the beauty of the experience.At the centre of the island are the Drogarati caves, which my husband loved. We also rented a boat at Agia Efimia and visited secluded beaches, it was very fun and something you definitely cannot experience on every luxury Greek islands honeymoon.For the duration of the ten days we were visiting Kefalonia we mostly ate our meals at our hotel. They were delicious. One thing is for sure, we definitely had a Greek island luxury honeymoon.

Honeymooning in Greece

It is no secret that Ithaca is known as one of the most stunning Greek island luxury honeymoon destinations available. So when my husband and I were planning our honeymoon, we knew instantly were to book it for, and that was of course, Ithaca.

Before we left, I made sure to study the island so that I would be prepared to take advantage of every spectacular activity it had to offer during our luxury Greek island honeymoon. One prominent thing I learned was that Ithaca, being part of the Ionian Islands in Greece, is enriched in both history and culture. For example it is home to the Greek poet Homer’s heroic Odysseus, which is amazing as he is a legendary figure.

After I had told my husband about this he wanted to book ourselves in for a guided walk around Ithaca’s hills & mountains. Needless to say it was stunning and made us really appreciate our luxury Greek island honeymoon. We took lots of pictures of the scenery to take home and show our parents, as they had previously visited a different Greek island and enjoyed it. It was fun to be able to share the experience with them.


The food was extremely tasty. I really enjoyed eating at Margarita Café, which is very traditional and known for its Greek pies. However what made our Greek island luxury honeymoon perfect may surprise you, it was our hotel. It had beautiful white wash walls and the bed was very comfortable. The staff were very friendly and room service was always delivered promptly. My husband and I really appreciated this as in the past we haven’t always had great experiences with certain hotels while travelling.

Our luxury honeymoon in Lefkada

My best friend and I had gotten married within two weeks of each other.

Our husbands are also great friends, having had grown up with each other, so we knew travelling on our honeymoons together would be a great decision. The four of us agreed that honeymoon packages in greece are the best, so the location had to be there.

We let our husbands choose the island, and after much thought and consideration, they decided on Lefkada. At first I was unsure about Lefkada as I had never heard of it before, but my husband assured me everything would be great, and he was right. When we first arrived there we were all taken aback by the beauty of our Greek island luxury honeymoon spot. The crystal clear skies and stunning oceans were magnificent. However, that was only the beginning, we were definitely in for a treat with all the fun filled activities our husbands had planned. What I loved doing the most during our luxury Greek islands honeymoon was mountain biking. Before we had set off, I was a little worried that it would be to hot and leave us exhausted for the night ahead, but it was fine. We had also made sure to visit the Porto Katsiki beach a few times, including the day before we left to top up our tans. It is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by white cliffs. An absolute must see for anyone choosing to visit Lefkada for a luxury Greek islands honeymoon.